Who Can View CCTV Footage at Work?

Posted June 2024 - In this article, we explain the key aspects you need to know to ensure accurate compliance.

4 Ways CCTV Systems Protect Business Assets

Posted May 2024 - Curious about how CCTV systems can shield your business assets from harm? You're not alone! Find out more in our article.

A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Smoke Alarms

Posted April 2024 - From the importance of routine checks, to identifying the optimal installation partner, this article equips businesses with the knowledge needed to carry out their fire safety measures effectively.

Is a Home Security System Worth the Investment?

Posted March 2024 - Costs, options and the reasons why a home security system is an investment worth considering.

BT Redcare Announces Plans for Closure

Posted February 2024 - Here we find out how this will affect the security industry.

How often should you test your fire alarm to ensure it is working properly?

Posted February 2024 - Delve into the frequency of fire alarm testing and the necessary procedures to uphold compliance and safety.

Why is it important to have a home security system?

Posted January 2024 - In this article, we will explore the reasons why having a home security system is not just a luxury but a necessity.

What Should You Do If Your Fire Alarm Goes Off?

Posted December 2023 - Be prepared by knowing what to do if your fire alarm goes off.

Here’s how a CCTV system can help to prevent retail theft

Posted November 2023 - Information for preventing retail theft using CCTV

Case Study - Sysonby Lodge

Posted October 2023 - Renovations of Sysonby Lodge - Grace Homes

Here’s why a smoke alarm could save you and your employees

Posted October 2023 - Information on why such systems are so important for you and your employees.

How Do Shock Sensors Work?

Posted October 2023 - Take a look at our blog for information about how shock sensors work and the application of these devices in homes and businesses.

The Pending PSTN Switch-off: Updates and What this Means for our Customers

Posted September 2023 - With the completion of the UK PSTN Switch-off less than 18 months away, here's an update on how this may impact homes and businesses and how to prepare.

How does a home security system work?

Posted September 2023 - Information for how home security systems work and the types available

Top Tips for Commercial Properties with an Access Control System

Posted August 2023 - Take a look at some tips for using an access control system for your business premises.

New Milestone - 1000 Customer Reviews

Posted July 2023 - What an achievement!

A Lynx Wedding!

Posted July 2023

What are the Most Reliable House Alarm Systems?

Posted July 2023 - Home security is an important investment for homeowners of all sizes. A reliable house alarm system can help to deter burglars, protect your family and property, and give you peace of mind, but which house alarm system is actually more reliable?

Should You Bother with a Burglar Alarm?

Posted June 2023 - Some people may wonder: what is the point of installing a burglar alarm?… Is it worth the investment? In this article, we'll explore the advantages of installing a burglar alarm system for both domestic and commercial properties

Leading Bespoke Fire & Security System Design & Installation Services Provider 2023 - Midlands

Posted May 2023 - Award Acknowledgement

Do Fire Detectors Really Save Lives?

Posted May 2023 - Fire detectors are often overlooked as an annoying device, however they have a major impact on the safety of our staff, our loved ones and you.

Do I Really Need A Fire Alarm?

Posted April 2023 - The importance of fire alarms is often overlooked since the chance of a fire is seen as unlikely, however, if there ever is a fire then fire alarms help save millions of lives by detecting the danger at an early stage, giving people more time to escape

Commercial Fire Alarms: Categories Explained

Posted April 2023 - Here we explore the range of Fire Alarm Categories.

CCTV in the Workplace: Advantages and Uses of Cameras in a Commercial Setting

Posted March 2023 - In today's world, businesses must take security seriously. CCTV cameras have become an essential part of any security system, providing business owners with an extra layer of protection.

An Evening with Northamptonshire Search & Rescue (NSAR)

February 2023 - NSAR is a Registered Charity made up of trained volunteers. Regularly assisting the Police, this dedicated team are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to search for vulnerable missing people across the county.

Run for Prostate Cancer Research UK

Posted February 2023 - Our Executive Assistant Issy is raising money for Prostate Cancer Research UK. Check out Issy's interview with Prostate Cancer Research UK here.

What Are The Benefits of Security Installations?

Posted February 2023 - Whether it’s for commercial or domestic use, there are many benefits that come with having a security installation. In this article, we will discuss the risks that come without one, and the benefits of having one.

New Milestone - 800 Customer Reviews

Posted January 2023 - Here at Lynx Fire & Security, we strive to deliver the best possible customer service. Recently, we have reached 800 Customer Reviews! Find out what our customers have to say about us.

House Alarm System: Professional or DIY?

Posted January 2023 - We understand that you want to save money, however when it comes to your personal safety and home security, we believe that price shouldn't be the only consideration.

Power Outages: How Will They Impact Your Intruder Alarm System?

Posted December 2022 - What to expect and how to deal with the lack of mains power...

How Security Systems can lead to peace of mind

Posted November 2022 - At Lynx, we believe that having a security system as part of your home make-up and ensuring it is well maintained can lead to peace of mind that your loved ones and precious items are protected against potential crimes.

Why Pets Are Important In Intruder Alarm Design

Posted October 2022 - From cats and dogs, to rabbits, hamsters and reptiles, the UK are infatuated with four-legged companions. With an estimated 62% of UK households owning a pet between 2021/2022, its safe to say that we are pet-mad as a nation. But how many security providers take our furry (and not-so-furry) friends into consideration when designing intruder alarms, and, how important is it to consider pets when designing bespoke systems? Afterall, they are part of the household too…

What To Do If You've Been Burgled

Posted September 2022 - We are firm believers in creating information to make dealing with the trauma of experiencing a home burglary accessible to everyone. Our experts have put together this simple guide, discussing the necessary steps to be taken by a home or property owner after a burglary.

Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 - Midlands

August 2022 - Lynx Fire & Security are honoured to be announced the winners of not one but two of this years Midlands Enterprise Awards

New Milestone - 650 Customer Reviews

Posted August 2022 - Recently, we have reached 650 Customer Reviews! Find out what our customers have to say about us.

What to do When Your Neighbour's Alarm Goes Off

Posted August 2022 - Everyone’s been there. You’re just trying to unwind from work, and enjoy your evening… but all you can hear is the alerting tones of a neighbour’s alarm going off. But what is the right thing to do in this situation? At Lynx, we have put together some recommendations on what to do when your neighbour’s alarm goes off.

Best Domestic & Commercial Security Systems Installers 2022 - Midlands

August 2022 - Lynx Fire & Security are honoured to be announced the winners of Midlands Enterprise Awards for Domestic & Commercial Security Systems Installers

Simple Tips to Deter Home Burglaries

Posted July 2022 - At Lynx Fire and Security, we have put together a selection of simple, and sometimes painfully obvious tips to deter thieves from targeting your home...

How can Door Access Systems Benefit your Security Setup?

Posted June 2022 - Maintaining optimum security is crucial to remaining safe and secure in your home or your business.

How to Keep your Home Safe While Away on Holiday

Posted May 2022 - Relax poolside, beachside, or on a city adventure using this tips to keep your home safe while you are away ...

How does a CCTV System Work?

Posted April 2022 - As experts in commercial and domestic security, here we explain how CCTV systems work.

An Update on HomeControl

Posted April 2022 - The latest updates from Pyronix on HomeControl+ and HomeControl2.0...

Arming & Disarming Your Alarm

Posted March 2022 - What ways can be used to set and unset a system? ...

Fire Safety at Work: Best Practices

Posted March 2022 - Find Out The Best Practices To Ensure Fire Safety At Your Workplace...

Securing Your Commercial Property: Top Tips

Posted February 2022 - Find Out How To Effectively Secure Your Commercial Property...

Staying Informed: Receiving Intruder Alarm Notifications

Posted February 2022 - Take a look at the options available for receiving notifications from your alarm...

What Security Systems Are Available for My Home?

Posted January 2022 - Find Out What Security Systems Are Available for Your Home

What Security Systems Are Available for My Business?

Posted December 2021 - Find Out What Security Systems Are Available for Your Business...

Engineer Code: Explained

Posted December 2021 - What is an Engineer Code and why are they a secret? Let's find out...

How Can A Door Access Control System Protect Your Commercial Property?

Posted October 2021 - Find Out How Door Access Systems Can Protect Your Property....

How Do Door Contacts Work?

Posted October 2021 - Find out how door contacts work and how they can be used to protect your home...

6 Reasons Why Your Intruder Alarm Should Be Serviced

Posted September 2021 - 6 Reasons Why Your Intruder Alarm Should Be Serviced

Openreach Switch Off: What this Means for our Customers

Posted September 2021 - changes are happening. Lets find out why...

Which Burglar Alarm System is Best - Wired or Wireless?

Posted August 2021 - Which Burglar Alarm System Is Best? Let us explain...

How do PIRs Work?

Posted August 2021 - Ever wondered how alarms activate? Want to know how a PIR detects an intruder? Let us explain how they work...

What are the Benefits of Installing a CCTV System?

Posted July 2021 - What are the benefits of installing a CCTV system? Let us explain...

Why is Home Security Important?

Posted June 2021 - Join us as we discuss the basics of intruder and CCTV systems, including how systems work, how much it costs and which system is right for you...

Introducing... HomeControl2.0

Posted June 2021 - Let us outline the new evolution from HomeControl+ to HomeControl2.0...

Case Study – Installation of an Intruder Alarm System

Posted May 2021 - Confused about how our quotation and installation process works? We have included information on how a typical intruder alarm installation happens - from initial enquiry to handover and aftercare...

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