June 2022

Maintaining optimum security is crucial to remaining safe and secure in your home or your business. Implementing a door access system can effectively prevent any access from unanticipated or unwanted individuals. Due to the adaptability of door access systems, there are numerous benefits to have them as part of your security setup.

What is a security system?

All security systems entail the principle of securing all possible entry and access points, including doors and windows, and sometimes extra coverage for internal spaces depending on the specification. All devices communicate back to a primary control unit or panel, ensuring that any suspicious activity is detected. This control panel acts as the brain of the system and is responsible for signals to and from the rest of the system including setting and unsetting.

What are door access systems?

Door access systems are solely automated door management tools, designed to restrict entry access to a specific building, area, or room. This system offers a range of access types, including pin codes, tags, key cards and biometrics (including fingerprint and facial recognition). Additionally, door access systems can be connected to other various systems, such as fire alarm systems for fail-safe functionality allowing doors to be opened freely during a fire and integrating other systems.

How can door access systems benefit your security setup?

There are numerous advantages to having a door access system installed into your property, including the following:

Preventing Unwanted Individuals from Entering the Property

An initial benefit of having a door access system means that it only allows access to individuals who know the access pin code or are in possession of a tag, or key card. Any unwelcome visitors will not be able to access the room or building, ensuring that all data, belongings, and individuals inside the property are kept safe and secure. Systems can be configured to allow access during designated times only or to allow free access during busy times such as the start and end of the business day when doors are constantly being opened by staff.

Maintain Track of Who Enters the Property

The automated system can monitor the information of who enters and exits the property or room. This helps you keep track of who is in and out of the property, and at what times they are entering and exiting.

Specialised Access

Whilst door access systems are best for granting access to a building, they are also great for enabling specialised access to a certain area or room. For instance, if there is a specific zone that required a higher authority level, only individuals that are authorised may enter – for all other personnel, this area will remain locked.

High Efficiency

Having a door access system can provide a hassle-free method of securing a premises in comparison to traditional methods, such as the shared use of keys, for example. They can be extremely beneficial for high-staffed environments – such as schools, warehouses, offices and factories – a worthwhile system to consider within your security setup.

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