December 2021

What is an Engineer Code and Why are they a Secret?

If you are wanting to know our Engineer Code then you may find yourself disappointed –  Let’s take a look at what Engineer Codes are and why they are designed to be kept secret!

An Engineer Code (sometimes referred to as an Installer Code) is what installer companies use to program and maintain an intruder alarm system. This is typically set up during the installation process or takeover inspection and is unique to each company. The Engineer Code enables access to a different menu and allows a professional to make changes within the security system at a higher level of authority than a User Code or Master Manager Code would. It’s best to think of the Codes as tiers of authority: the manufacture has the highest authority, followed by the Engineering Code, Master Manager Code and User Codes respectively.

It’s important to note that for security reasons an Engineer Code cannot disarm an alarm system!

A professional alarm company will never reveal their Engineer Code to someone outside of their company. Why? If the code is known by someone else, they can alter the system, whether on purpose or by accident, voiding any warrantee/cover and potentially any Insurance Policy on that property. Companies want to know that the alarm has been installed or serviced to the best of their ability and that it will continue to function as such when they leave. Companies that are NSI Approved will be familiar with the importance of this as it is a part of the Standard to which they work (BS EN 50131-1/PD6662).

What happens if you change alarm companies? As long as you chose a company that is experienced with alarms, they will be able to default the system and input their own Engineer Code to enable them to access the programming. There are a small number of alarms out there that are exceptions to this – certain panels can be installed with the Engineer Code locked or as ‘closed-protocol’ meaning that they can only be serviced by the installing company.

At Lynx Fire & Security, we never install an alarm system that is ‘closed-protocol’ or locked against takeover – although we value our customers, we will always respect their decision to move to a different company if that is what they wish. If you want to find out more about us or the services we offer, please feel free to contact us here and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help. 

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