February 2023

Installation timeframes, paying monthly fees, dealing with false alarms, monitoring systems all the time, we understand that it may lead you to wondering if having security installation is even worth the hassle. However, when you weigh up the potential risks that come with not having a security system with the benefits of having one installed, it becomes a lot clearer as to why it is completely worth all the efforts.

Whether it’s for commercial or domestic use, there are many benefits that come with having a security installation. In this article, we will discuss the risks that come without one, and the benefits of having one.


Risks of not having security installations

  • Vulnerability
    Without a security system in place, your enterprise is vulnerable to vandalism, burglaries and theft. This exposes you to criminal attacks which damage your profits, suppress productivity and can even impose loss of confidence and trust amongst your clients and employees.
  • Financial loss
    Your commercial property may be targeted for its valuables, especially when they have an intrinsic cash value. Lack of security cameras and alarms can cause you a major financial loss. Shoplifting or organized robberies could happen even in broad daylight and having no way of recording or detecting these incidents can cost you significant money.
  • No Visual Deterrent
    Having a visual presence of a security system can deter any potential burglars or unwanted visitors as they will know that they won’t be able to get away with it that easily. This can consist of visible external alarm boxes, visible CCTV cameras or a door access system which will make a burglars think twice before attempting to enter.

Benefits of having security installations

  • Stock and Staff Protection
    Having a security system in place protects your staff and your stock, which further leads to trust and no significant losses or damage to your business or its reputation.
  • Lower Insurance Costs
    While some providers will offer you lower insurance costs with your security system, others might not. There is no guarantee that installing a security system can reduce insurance, however, it is still an option which is worth discussing with your insurance provider.
  • Access Control
    Being able to control who as access to your building, or specific areas, is greatly beneficial as it can prevent potentially unwanted visitors or burglars.
  • Evidence Capture
    Having a working CCTV system is greatly beneficial as you will have footage of the incident to use as proof or to present to the police when filing a report – images can also help identify the criminals but also show proof of the stolen or damaged goods. In the workplace, CCTV can be a useful health and safety feature. Knowing what happened during an accident can help you implement policies or guidelines to prevent accidents from occurring in the future.
  • Deters Crime
    Apart from making a lot of noise or notifying keyholders or the police, the physical presence of security devices such as cameras and alarm sirens on the outside of a property can be enough to deter criminals.


Risks of not having security installation

  • Vulnerability
    Without a security system in place, your family and pets are exposed to burglaries or even getting hurt. Your home should be a safe space – Unfortunately, events like these can be extremely stressful and can even cause trauma and paranoia for several years after the incident.
  • Financial Loss
    Your house can be targeted for its valuables, especially when they are of high value. It can cost you significant amounts to replace any stolen goods.
  • Loss of irreplaceable items
    it’s not uncommon for thieves to take or damage sentimental items during a burglary (eg. Jewellery, family trinkets, paintings). Not everything can be replaced. Although your insurance may cover the value of the item, there’s not always a replacement for the item itself.
  • No Visual Deterrent
    Without a visible security system such as cameras or an alarm box outside your house, burglars can see your house as an easy target.

Benefits of having security installations

  • Family Protection & Peace of Mind
    Having a security system at home can give you peace of mind, knowing that you and your loved ones are being protected from a burglary 24/7.
  • Lower Insurance cost
    As mentioned above, some insurance providers will offer you insurance discounts, while others may not, so it is best to contact your insurance provider to discuss this further.
  • Evidence Capture
    With a security system such as CCTV, you will always have evidence of what happened and what the burglars looked like, along with what they stole or damaged. This evidence could be used as proof and as footage to help when reporting the incident to the police.
  • Deters Crime
    Having a clearly visible security system will deter burglars that are trying to target your house as it will make them think twice before trying to carry out any criminal activities.

How Lynx can help

Here at Lynx, we offer installations and takeovers, as well as preventative and corrective maintenance of intruder alarms and CCTV system for both commercial and domestic use, and door access for commercial use. If you are unsure of what is right for you or what coverage you may require for your property, feel free to contact us via email on [email protected], or give us a call on 0800 998 1303. Alternatively, get in touch using our website form by scrolling down.

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