June 2021

Pyronix announced the release of their new app HomeControl2.0 earlier this year. This app aims to replace its predecessor HomeControl+ with new features that create a user friendly experience for those wanting to remotely monitor their alarm from their mobile phone or tablet. There is no need to worry though – users of HomeControl+ will have until June 2022 to make the transition to HomeControl2.0.

What is HomeControl2.0?

It stands to reason that if you are just getting started, you may as well go ahead and say hello to HomeControl2.0 from the beginning. You will find all the familiar elements with the new version including the ability to control multiple systems and receive audible voice push notifications directly to your device. Handing different sites has never been easier. Have an alarm at home and at work? Switch between the two quickly and easily.

How is This App Useful For You?

The new app features Biometric Login capabilities - eliminating the need to type in your user code each time you use the app. Simply save both your user code and password and use your face or fingerprint to open the app from then on. Along with this, HomeControl2.0 comes with the new Geofencing feature. Set a customisable radius around your home or business and the app will send you a push notification reminder to set or unset the system when exiting or entering your pre-set radius. You will still need to set or unset the system yourself, but for those of us that find ourselves rushing from one place to the next, this feature might just work!

The app comes with the ability to view historical events. Pyronix have enabled the last 10 panel events to be viewed which is particularly generous along with the last 50 app notifications.

What About the Previous Version?

Migrating from HomeControl+ to HomeControl2.0 is painless and, from the beginning, simple to use and straightforward to navigate. Compared to HomeControl+, the new app on the block seems to have had a visual makeover. The attractive colour pallet and clean lines certainly make for a user friendly appearance.

HomeControl2.0 is available to download now from the Google Play Store for Android devices and from the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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Migrating to HomeControl2.0



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