September 2022

We are firm believers in creating information to make dealing with the trauma of experiencing a home burglary accessible to everyone. Our experts have put together this simple guide, discussing the necessary steps to be taken by a home or property owner after a burglary.

Report the Burglary

Once the shock has faded enough to allow you to make a phone call, one of the very first things you should do after a burglary or attempted burglary, is to report it to the local police authorities straight away. The sooner the crime is reported, the sooner the authorities can proceed with processing the crime. Make sure you document your Crime Reference Number (CRN).

If possible, you should try not to touch anything in the home until the police have arrived at the scene, as they may need to take photographs of the aftermath or damage for evidence in the case.

Check the Purse or Wallet

Many of us leave our purse or wallets in ‘safe’ places in our homes; whether that is in a kitchen cupboard, or tucked away in the bottom of a bag. So, when a burglary happens, it’s important that you check the obvious places for the cards. If you suspect that your credit or debit cards have been stolen, you should cancel these as soon as you can; some banks allow their customers to freeze cards directly on their Banking Apps. Freezing a card through a Banking App can give you some breathing space to deal with the damage directly in front of you, as it means the card will not be able to be used to make any transactions or purchases, and if it turns out to be in your back pocket, you can simply hop on the app and unfreeze the card.

Change Passwords

Burglars will always try to grab the most valuable items they can, and in today’s day and age, that includes laptops, tablets and mobile phones. These are devices that many of us use to log-in to highly sensitive accounts, including email and banking apps. It may be worthwhile considering changing passwords for any accounts which are already logged into through a laptop or mobile device for added security.

Create a List of What was Taken

After the dust has settled, and the police have collected all the necessary evidence, you should then sit down and create a list of any items that were taken or damaged during the crime. This can help when communicating with your insurance company.

Review CCTV Footage

If you have CCTV, you should also review this for any evidence that can be handed over to the police to further assist their investigation. It may also be worth asking your neighbours if they witnessed anything suspicious around the time the crime occurred.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Be sure to contact your insurance company after the crime takes place, as your policy may have the cost of replacing some items.

Don’t Become a Repeat Target

Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for criminals to target the same property again after a break-in. This is because they are aware that their victims will likely purchase replacements for the items taken during the first incident – this is most likely for items such as televisions, mobiles and laptops.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, you should avoid advertising any expensive purchases. Consider taking boxes straight to the recycling centre or breaking them down into small pieces to fit in the recycling bin instead of leaving it out on show until your designated bin collection day.

Assess Your Security

It may be worth checking or replacing any windows or doors that were damaged in the incident but a lot can also be learnt by re-assessing your home security. Ask yourself how YOU would break into your property – take a look at it from all angles to make sure you aren’t leaving any areas vulnerable. We cover a whole range of home security tips in a separate post which can be found here.

Maintain Your Intruder Alarm System

Contact your alarm supplier to organise routine system maintenance to be carried out on your system. This is the best way to ensure that the alarm system you have installed will activate when you need it to. At Lynx, we offer the highest standard of servicing and maintenance, but you can read more about our services here.

Don’t Feel Alone

Millions of people in the UK experience a home burglary, and it can be extremely stressful. Don’t be afraid to reach out to family and friends for support as you put the home back together. There are also victim support groups set up all over the country that you can reach out to and join.

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