August 2021

When it comes to choosing the most suitable burglar alarm system, you want to make the right decision for your home or business.

Although there are many different systems to choose from, the main debate comes between whether you should choose a wired or wireless burglar alarm system for your property. Both systems include a control panel, PIRs, contacts and even additional devices to make things easier such as extra keypads. However, the way they are installed and the way they communicate differ. In this blog we will explore both the benefits and drawbacks of each type of system to provide some insight on which might be best for you.

What is a Wired Burglar Alarm System?

A wired burglar alarm system is a system that requires professional installation and uses wires that run throughout your house. These wires run within the walls, ceilings or underneath the floor to relay information back to the central control panel (the ‘brain’ of the alarm).

The Pros of a Wired Burglar Alarm System

One of the most obvious benefits of a wired burglar alarm system is the fact that you have a more reliable and consistent connection than wireless. Wired systems are far less prone to interference and network issues, as well as less false alarms. Wired systems also have the capabilities of covering larger areas without the need system zone expanders, as wireless connections can only reach so far without losing connectivity. Also, if your building already has existing alarm wiring that is in good working order, installation costs can be reduced and it is a far easier job for a professional.

The Cons of a Wired Burglar Alarm System

One of the main drawbacks to wired burglar alarm systems is their installation; if it is not conducted during the build of the property then this task increases in difficulty, and the cost of installation can be relatively high due to this and could mean that trunking for cabling is visible. Another con is that once the system is installed, it is notoriously difficult to move without further wiring and costs, and it is almost impossible to move your system to a new property.

What is a Wireless Burglar Alarm System?

A wireless burglar alarm system operates slightly differently - the connection used is a wireless signal rather than cable. This means that your sensors can be easily moved or altered to the desired fit for your property as changes are made to room layouts or door/window locations. As with a wired burglar alarm system, information will be sent to a control panel located somewhere in your property, only wirelessly.

The Pros of a Wireless Burglar Alarm System

Wireless burglar alarms systems offer the ultimate flexibility and versatility, due to the fact that they can be moved around endlessly thanks to their wireless connection. Is it also easy to add more devices. They can even be moved with you to a new property. As your system is wireless, the whole system can simply be installed on your next property at an incredibly low cost, especially if you are able to yourself. Wireless burglar alarm systems can be easy to set up, and take down, and have the ability to connect to other smart devices for notifications of activations.

The Cons of a Wireless Burglar Alarm System

One of the main drawbacks to a wireless alarm system is that they require more ongoing maintenance than wired – as these devices communicate without wires, battery replacements are required routinely. On occasion, wireless signals can be jammed by electrical interference, making them vulnerable in certain circumstances. Replacement parts for wireless systems can be more expensive than those of wired, and they may be unsuitable for buildings if the range is too far or the walls are too thick.

So Which Burglar Alarm System is Best for you?

Overall, there is no right or wrong answer to this debate, each system has a specific set of advantages and disadvantages that will either suit or not suit each individual or property. For the most part, large properties or new builds would benefit from wired systems due to their reliability, consistency and their ability to cover larger areas. Whilst someone with a property that may be extended or altered or someone renting a property or may prefer a wireless system. Likewise, many people like the no mess option of a wireless system. Weighing up the pros and cons of each system will ensure you pick the right burglar alarm system for you.

If you have any other questions regarding wireless or wired burglar alarm systems then please do get in touch with us below. Here at Lynx Fire & Security, we offer both systems for commercial and domestic properties and have the expertise to offer support & advice throughout your security journey.

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