February 2022

Technology is evolving fast and it’s easy to be confused about how your own alarm or a potential new alarm system is going to talk to you. Let’s dive in and explore the options…

When it comes to an intruder alarm, you might want to explore the ways in which you can be notified if the system activates. First things first – sounders form a great foundation for alerting people –  the loud noise of the internal and external sounders would alert anyone in the property, neighbours and passers-by that the alarm has activated. This can often be enough to scare intruders into leaving.

There are multiple methods that an alarm can use to alert you to an activation even if you aren’t at the property so one or more of these may be suitable for your situation. Depending on what the system is protecting, and the level of security you wish to have, a device can be installed to allow for this communication.

Audible System with the App

We are seeing a higher demand for alarms with App capabilities than ever before. Push notifications can be sent to a smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet. To do this, your alarm is connected to your broadband via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi signal. The Enforcer v11, manufactured by Pyronix Ltd, comes with a built-in Wi-Fi module as standard. Modules can be added to other panels too if they are compatible, adding a modern communication method to an existing system. For more information about the App features click here where we looked in the HomeControl2.0 App previously.


Although they don't come with the extras that the Apps do, diallers have worked and continue to work as a fast, effective way of communicating activations. The current Openreach PSTN Switch Off has certainly put a spanner in the works for diallers that currently communicate using an analogue phone line. These types of diallers typically use a SIM card to notify the numbers that are programmed inside the device.

Some Insurance Companies may request that your system has Monitoring. Here are the types available:

Keyholder Response

The means that the system is Monitored with signals to and from an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Monitoring equipment can be added to an existing alarm or incorporated into a design for a new system. This type of notification means that activations are sent to the ARC first and they contact you or your keyholders in the order you wish. Keyholders can be whoever you wish - they just need to be able to attend quickly if notified.

Police Response 

For this type, the ARC would contact the Local Police if a confirmed activations were received (this means when two devices are triggered in a short period of time). Keyholders are usually contacted as well for single activation and confirmed alarms as the Police may need access to the property. The cost for a system on Police Response tends to be the same as Keyholder Response, with the addition of an initial payment to the Local Police for a Unique Reference Number (URN).

It's important to note that when it comes to keyholders these should be people that you completely trust with the keys to your property – family and trustworthy friends or neighbours. Guarding Companies also exist to take the pressure off. No-one likes being woken up in the middle of the night. By having a Guarding Company attend your property on your behalf you can sleep well knowing your building is in good hands. Monitored systems in conjunction with Guarding can work tremendously well, especially with commercial buildings that would otherwise require members of staff to attend.

Monitoring equipment for Keyholder or Police Response can be single-path or dual-path. Single-path signalling typically works using a GPRS signal to communicate. Dual-path signalling on the other hand, uses two paths, one primary and one secondary that acts as a backup path. 

Inform Lynx 

If you would like to discuss adapting your system for notifications or would like a quotation for a new system, Lynx Fire & Security have a range of options. We also provide a free-of-charge Surveyor visit so that we can make sure all your security needs are covered. Contact us today on 0800 998 1303 to speak with a member of our team or complete the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

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