December 2022

With the possibility of interruptions to electricity supplies this Winter, chances are, a lot of things will be going through everyone’s minds – How will I cook dinner? Where are the torches? Do we have blankets? Whilst all of these are valid questions, we want talk about lack of power and how this may potentially impact your intruder alarm system. This information might be useful over the next few months or in future if you experience a power outage, whether that be one that is planned in advance or one that is unexpected (eg. caused by extreme weather).

Why would a power cut impact my system?

Your control panel is likely to rely on mains power as its primary source. With the lack of mains power during a power outage, the system uses the back-up panel battery inside to support the system temporarily.

What is a back-up panel battery?

The back-up panel battery is the way in which your system keeps running to protect your home or business during a power cut. These have an average lifespan of 5 years but it depends on the size and age of the system, along with the amount of power cuts the system experiences. A fresh panel battery is likely to support your system for a good number of hours before depleting. An unmaintained system is more likely to experience issues than a maintained system, especially if the back-up panel battery is low.

What should I expect?

Your system may still alert you when the power goes off – this is normal and can usually be silenced by inputting your code or presenting your tag (digital key). The fault itself will remain until the mains power is restored so you may find that a warning light shows – don’t worry, once the mains power is restored to the property, you should be able to clear the fault light. We discuss the process for each system in just a minute.

If your battery becomes low during the outage or depletes completely, it may cause the system to become distressed – this can be a headache, especially if it happens when your household is trying to sleep.

Is there anything I can do to prepare?

Besides the normal preparations for a blackout, ensure you know who to call if you require assistance, whether that be Lynx or another Security Provider – whoever maintains the system usually or has seen the system most recently. If you are unsure who this is, your siren on the outside of the property might show the name of the Company. Make it a priority to store the telephone number in case you need it.

If you are a Lynx Fire & Security customer, 01536 517999 can be used. When or office is closed, our Out-of-Hours Operators will put you through to an Engineer who will call you and attend your property if needed. A few extra handy numbers are listed at the end of this blog.

If you know or have suspicions that your panel battery many be a few years old, it’s advisable to arrange a Maintenance visit or ask for the back-up panel battery to be replaced.

Any information on my system?

Unfortunately, documenting information on all systems is impossible. Below are a range of the most common systems that we deal with. If your system isn’t listed here, contact your Security Provider for advice.

Euro One / Euro Mini / Euro 46 / Enforcer Panels

When the mains power is lost, the alert symbol will flash orange ? on the keypad for approx. 30 minutes. The panel will switch to using the back-up panel battery. If the mains power is off for any longer than 30 minutes, an audible alert will sound from the keypad and internal speaker. To acknowledge this alert, simply enter your code or present your tag (digital key) to the keypad. The following message should be displayed: Active Faults, MAINS ABSENT. If the mains power if still off – leave the keypad on this screen. Once the mains power has been restored, enter your code or present your tag in the same way. With the mains restored and Active Faults, MAINS ASBENT on the display, you can press the NO button 2 times. The alert light should now stop flashing and the display should return to the home screen.

 If you are a Lynx customer, it should show Lynx Security with the time and the date.

Visonic Panels

When the mains power is lost, the system will make 3 x audible trouble beeps to alert you to the issue. The panel will switch to using the back-up panel battery. Pressing the OK button a number of times will allow you to view faults. Unless disabled, the panel is likely to read out the faults also. In this case, the panel will likely say MAINS FAILURE. The normal green power light will have disappeared and will be replaced with an orange alert triangle ? or AC failure light. Press the unlock button on the panel followed by your code. Alternatively, you can press the unlock button on your digital remote to acknowledge the fault. The system will clear the fault automatically when power is restored.

Galaxy Panels

When the mains power is lost, the keypad and internal speakers will make an audible tone. Enter your code, press ENTER and then press the A button to view the faults.

To schedule in a Maintenance visit or back-up panel battery replacement, contact us today. If you are a Lynx Fire & Security customer and require advice or assistance, please contact us on 01536 517999 or any number listed on our website. Our Out-of-Hours Emergency Engineers are available for Maintained or Contract customers when the office is closed.

Important Numbers:

105   UK Power Networks: report an unscheduled
         power outage or call for an update on when 
         power will be restored

0800 111 999   National Grid Emergency Line:
                         this should be used to report a gas         

999   Emergencies only - Ambulance/Fire/Police

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