April 2022

Many customers will be familiar with the HomeControl2.0 App by Pyronix which can be used to receive push notifications from your alarm system and offers the user the ability to remotely arm and disarm the system. As HomeControl2.0 continues to be developed and updated, its predecessor, HomeControl+ will be saying goodbye soon. We would recommend transitioning across to HomeControl2.0 as soon as you can – even if just to take advantage of its added features.

So, when is HomeControl+ likely to stop working?

According to information from Pyronix, the app will continue to work for the next few months but here are some dates to take into consideration:

April 2022: At some point during this month any new downloads of HomeControl+ across both the Google and Apple App stores will be stopped. Anyone downloading onto a new device or installing a new system will need to download HomeControl2.0. The original app will still work if it is already downloaded prior to it being removed from the App stores.

June 2022: From June, Pyronix will no longer be developing the HomeControl+ App. The app will continue to work and connect to your alarm but no further updates will be pushed out. Any future iOS or Android updates may conflict with the app so it’s best to ensure that HomeControl2.0 is set up by this point.

June 2023: Pyronix has informed us that HomeControl+ will cease to connect to your alarm by June 2023 at the latest.

Check out the HomeControl2.0 blog post here for more information on the new app and for a handy video to help you migrate across.

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