Wired Burglar Alarm Systems Northamptonshire

From expensive electronic equipment to confidential documents, the valuable goods within your commercial premises need the best possible protection from intruders. At Lynx Fire and Security, we offer a range of burglar alarm systems suitable for use in offices, shops, and other commercial buildings.

Using our 30 years’ industry experience, we can provide a range of intruder alarm solutions to suit any property and budget, with our specialist team drawing up bespoke commercial security plans to ensure every one of our customers receives the best level of protection. All our burglar alarm systems are compliant with insurance and police regulations, as well as EN50131 and NSI NACOSS Gold standards, so you can rest assured that your business is safe and secure.

You can also have regular service and maintenance to ensure long-lasting quality assurance.

Contact us today to request a free site visit and quotation, or to discuss how we can help protect your business from criminal activity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wired intruder alarm system?


  • As the detection devices are hardwired there is no need for routine battery changes - this reduces ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Suitable for most types of properties including commercial warehouses, industrial units and retail premises.
  • Systems can span a large area (as long as cabling is possible). 


  • Can cost more to install due to cabling required.
  • Unless installed on a 1st and 2nd fix basis, trunking for cables may be seen.
  • Difficult to remove temporarily for decorating.
  • Almost impossible to relocate to a new property.

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