Protected against tampering and jamming with its own unique encryption system, wireless alarm systems are great for any building. Due to most wiring no longer being required, wireless systems are great for buildings of a unique or unconventional design.

Our wireless burglar alarms can be set up with minimal fuss by our expert installation team to protect your home while still meeting all current alarm standards. This alarm system can also notify all key holders using either your phone lines or via a GSM unit when an intruder is present, leaving a message or text on your phone.

A wireless intruder alarm system can also be installed that connects to your Apple or Android mobile phone via an App. Using the Pyronix Cloud, you can view the status of your alarm even when you are away from your property. Check your alarm is set, arm or disarm the system remotely and receive notifications if your alarm system is triggered.

Contact our friendly team here at Lynx Fire & Security to arrange a free site visit and quotation to discuss your requirements or for more information on our wireless alarm systems.

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