October 2021

Looking to upgrade the security on your commercial property with a sophisticated alternative to a traditional locking system? A door access system may be the perfect solution for you.

Door access systems offer simple management that is scalable and flexible, offering the right people access to the right areas. In this article, we are going to explore the core benefits of a door access system and how they can help to protect your business.

Enhanced Building Security Management

Whether your commercial property is large or small, everybody wants to be protected from unwanted visitors and only allow entry to those who need it and are trusted. A door access system, once setup, can help you to monitor and manage who can access specific parts of your building and who cannot. Our systems can offer secure access to each individual staff member within your commercial property, without raising any alarms or causing a security breach. So, if you simply need secure front door entry, or need a system that covers multiple areas, Lynx Fie & Security has you covered.

Increased Safety

Of course, one of the major benefits to installing a door access system is improving your safety measures and protecting both the workforce within your building, and all of the possessions within. Having a secure door access system will mean that only those who have been granted access can enter the building. This, in combination with that fact that it is incredibly difficult to duplicate a card, fob, tags, or even guess an access code, will mean that your commercial property is as safe as possible.

System Integration

Lynx Fire & Security door access control systems can be linked to other security systems, including CCTV and fire alarm systems, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that your workspace and employees are protected at all times. When our door access systems are connected to your fire alarm system, in the result of fire or smoke activation, any access doors within the building will be fixed as ‘fail-safe’ to guarantee that everyone can leave the building safely and no one needs to attempt to open securely locked doors in heightened panic.

Track & Trace Entry

Another core benefit of door access control systems is that you have the ability to track who is coming and going at what times. This is particularly useful in the event of an accident, such as theft, as you’ll be able to see exactly who was in the building, or within a specific area at the time of the incident. Going beyond security measures, you will also be able to monitor who enters a specific building or area, how often they do this, and when, providing a better understanding of your employee’s day-to-day activities.

Excellent Versatility

We understand that the needs of every commercial property are different, which is why we strive to provide our customers with a totally unique and versatile system that meets their needs specifically, rather than just a generic door access control system. Whether you need a certain mode of entry, one or multiple access systems, or need connectivity with other devices, we can cater to these needs and requirements. Door access systems can also be updated or upgraded to meet current or future needs, meaning that your security can always be optimised, increased and is tailored to your needs.

A door access control system seeks to improve and simplify your security. If you would like to learn more then please visit us here, contact us here, or request a free visit or quotation below and one of our friendly team will always be more than happy to help.

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