December 2021

No matter what kind of business you operate or what size it is, it is absolutely vital for you to protect those who work in your commercial building as well as any possessions within your properties.

Sometimes it is difficult to try and grasp what kind of security measures you need to implement, or even what is available. Well, no fear! – this quick guide is going to explore your security system options and how each one could help you! From Intruder Alarm Systems to Door Access Systems, Lynx Security can offer you a fully secure and connected system.

Intruder Alarm Systems

At the base of every good security system is an intruder alarm. Intruder alarms are paramount to keeping your building safe as well as the people and possessions within them. Intruder alarm systems are designed to alert intrusion, with devices connected either wirelessly or wired into a control panel (the ‘brain’ of the system). Then, if a device is triggered, it sends signals to communicate with the ‘brain’ and set off an alarm. What type of alarm is triggered will depend on your commercial setup; it could simply be audible, or it could send a notification to an app or even an Alarm Reviving Centre (ARC).

As mentioned above, intruder alarm systems can be either wireless or wired. Both types of systems are suited to different needs or requirements, and if you are stuck on which systems might be better for you, we have a post discussing which burglar alarm system is best! Both systems have their positives and negatives; it’s all about getting the right system for your property.

CCTV Systems

Closed-Circuit Television, more commonly known as CCTV is another system that can be installed on your commercial property for further added protection. CCTV uses a camera and recorder to capture images that can be either viewed in real-time or stored for later viewing or other purposes. The main objective of a CCTV system is to deter potential theft. However, if this initial goal fails, then the CCTV can still capture valuable evidence. Some of the main benefits of installing a CCTV system include:

  • Crime prevention
  • Evidence opportunities
  • Peace of mind
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Monitoring safety
  • Reducing insurance premiums
  • And more…

If you want to learn more about CCTV systems and what they can offer your business, we have an in detailed guide outlining the main benefits of installing a CCTV system.

Door Access Control System

Another additional security measure that can be installed on your commercial property is a door access control system. Access control systems provide a sophisticated and secure alternative to a traditional locking system that offers simple management that is both scalable and flexible. No matter whether your commercial property is large or small, a door access control system can help you monitor who enters your property and at what time. These systems can be installed simply at front door entry or can even be used in multiple locations throughout your property.

We understand that different properties will require different door access systems, that is why we will always strive to provide a unique system to meet the needs of each individual property. Perhaps you need a certain mode of entry, single or multiple access systems, or you might even need your system to link to other devices, Lynx can cater to all these needs and requirements. Some of the main benefits of a door access control system include:

  • Enhanced building management
  • Increased safety
  • Safety integration
  • Track and trace entry
  • Enhanced versatility
  • To find out more, view our post on door access control systems here

At Lynx Fire & Security, our systems can be interconnected, meaning that you can rest assured knowing that you employees and workplace are always protected to the highest level. If you want to learn more about any of our security systems for commercial properties then please get in contact with us here, one of our friendly team will always be happy to help.

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