February 2024

In a rather unexpected turn of events, BT Redcare announced at the start of the month that all their operations will cease on 1st August 2025. BT Redcare supplies monitored alarm signalling devices to businesses and homes throughout the UK. These devices protect properties by sending fire and intruder alarm signals to Alarm Receiving Centres. A stop-sell has been issued on BT Redcare products as of the end of 29th February 2024. They have confirmed that any termination charges on any orders that were placed prior to 1st February 2024 will be waived as of from 1st March 2024. BT Redcare have reassured their customers that monitoring will continue as normal until 1st August 2025, unless cancelled prior, but they encourage security companies to move their impacted customers in advance of the closure date.

How will this affect the security industry?

Alarm companies across the UK may face a bit of a battle in the next 18 months. Most will be very familiar with the national PSTN Openreach Switch Off that has been in motion for the past few years and will be due completion at the end of 2025. This recent development of the BT Redcare closure is likely to put an extra strain on security companies as they face even more demand for signalling device replacements over the next 18 months. If you have any concerns about the closure, we encourage you to get in touch with your security company.

What is Lynx doing about the news?

At Lynx Fire & Security, we are looking into any sites that are going to be impacted by the closure. We will be discussing the most appropriate course of action ahead of August 2025 and will be in touch with those customers in due course.

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