June 2021

Here we discuss the basics of intruder and CCTV systems, including how systems work, how much it costs and which system is right for you...

What is a home security system?

A home security system is used to protect a property against theft or intrusion through a network of electrical devices. These components are usually connected to a central hub, such as a recording device or control panel and can even be connected remotely to your phone, enabling you to monitor activity on the go. A security system may include (but is not limited to) security cameras, passive infrared sensors (PIRs) or window/door contacts. These devices are often installed to make your home feel safer, more secure and protected from burglary. Whilst CCTV systems use cameras to discourage and visually track intruders, an intruder alarm system uses additional tracking methods such as measuring the changes in infrared (IR) light radiating from an area.

How does a CCTV system work?

CCTV, which stands for Closed-Circuit Television, uses a camera and recorder to capture images which are then stored to be viewed later if needed. Installing a CCTV system allows you to monitor activity around your domestic property, but these can also be used on commercial premises too. Whether for personal or business use, the main goal of CCTV cameras is to deter potential theft, giving you peace of mind that your premises are as protected as possible. No one likes to imagine their home being broken into – but if this does happen, a CCTV system can collect valuable evidence.

How does an intruder alarm system work?

Designed to alert to an intrusion, intruder alarms can be a worthwhile investment. Devices are connected, via cabling or wireless communication, to a control panel that acts as the brain of the system. When a device is triggered, signals are transmitted causing the alarm to activate. Depending on the setup, the alert can be audible only, can notify you via a dialler or App, or send a signal to an Alarm Receiving Centre. You may opt for devices to cover specific rooms – PIRs are commonly used in this case. Often placed in a top corner of a room, these monitor the changes in infrared light to detect if something is moving in the room. For devices on doors and windows, contacts are used – these alert the control panel to the opening of a door or window, triggering the alarm.

How much does it cost to install a security system?

When it comes to installing your security system, the costs can vary depending on the size and specifications of the system you opt for. Lynx Fire & Security offer free Surveyor visits, designing a bespoke system for your property that meets your requirements. After your Surveyor visit, our Sales team will process the information about your potential new system and send you a detailed quotation.

For more information on the process, we have compiled a handy in-depth guide on how a typical intruder alarm installation takes place with Lynx, from initial enquiry to handover and aftercare.

Which burglar alarm system is right for me?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to security systems. Things such as building type and layout contribute to your decision-making process. We have outlined some of the advantages of our wired and wireless systems below. 

Wired System: a wired system can span a large area (as long as cabling is possible), and due to being hardwired, there is no need for routine battery changes when you have this system. A wired intruder alarm is suitable for most types of properties.

Wireless Systems: a wireless system may be suitable for your property. Advantages of installing this type of alarm system include less disruption during the installation process, the system can be removed easily for decorating, and it is easy to expand the system in additional areas without the need for cabling.

Once we have received your enquiry at, we can arrange a Surveyor visit, after which we can help advise you in detail which system will be best in your home.

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