November 2022

If you scroll through your social media feed, or tune in to the news in the mornings, there’s a high chance something will make you feel stressed; from the economic climate, to international disputes. Why have unnecessary stress in your home? At Lynx, we believe that having a security system as part of your home make-up and ensuring it is well maintained can lead to peace of mind that your loved ones and precious items are protected against potential crimes.

How can security systems provide peace of mind?

Since their origins, security systems have allowed property owners to feel more secure in the protection of their buildings. As technology has progressed and changed the way in which security works, security systems with cameras installed have led the way; smart-doorbells put power into the hands of property owners by allowing them to view who’s at the door from their mobile phone!

Let’s forget about the security aspect of smart security systems for a moment… the majority of security system owners use their systems for mundane tasks, such as checking up a parcel has been delivered or keeping an eye on pets in the garden (find out more about how pets can be accommodated into security designs here!) Having remote access to surveillance systems on smart-phones can provide peace of mind for those who may travel or work away from home frequently, as it gives them the ability to check on their home or loved ones on their mobile device.

How can maintaining security systems provide peace of mind?

Many people don’t tend to consider maintaining their security alarm or CCTV system, and that could lead to problems further down the line. Contrary to popular belief, once a security system has been installed, it’s rare for it to just continue to run for the rest of its lifespan without a single issue. It is technology after all, and not everything can be predicted. Most alarms will need a yearly service to ensure that they are running at optimal levels. By opting to have an annual service on your intruder alarm or CCTV system, you’re ensuring that your security system is running at its most optimal levels, allowing you to relax, safe in the knowledge that your property and loved ones are as protected as possible. It also allows you to catch potential problems before they occur, such as a low back-up panel battery.

What can Lynx do to help?

At Lynx, we offer system services and maintenance for both intruder alarm systems and CCTV systems to the Greater Northamptonshire area. Our annual CCTV services start from £65.00 + VAT per year following an initial service, during which one of our Lynx Technicians will conduct a full review into the health of the camera and system. This service includes checking the image quality on each camera on the property, to ensure the footage captured is as usable as possible. Our technicians will also clean all cameras and housings to ensure no dirt or grime gets in the way of the protection of your property. Intruder alarm services start form £75.00 + VAT per year following an initial service. These help to ensure that your alarm will activate when it needs to, all components are functioning correctly and your back-up battery is ready in case you experience a loss of mains power.

With over 30 years expertise in all things security systems; whether it’s designing, installing or maintaining bespoke systems, at Lynx Fire and Security, we understand that installing security systems can reduce worries or anxieties over the safety of possessions and loved ones in the home. Get in contact with us by filling out our online form, calling 0800 998 1303, or emailing [email protected].

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