September 2023

At Lynx Fire & Security, we offer a number of home security systems that aim to protect your home and the memories it stores. From burglar alarms to domestic CCTV systems, we design, install, service and maintain the very best protection for your property throughout Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties.

In a recent article, we discussed the Benefits of Security Installations but we understand that in order to select the right home security system for your house, you first need to understand the inner workings of each optional measure. We’ve curated this helpful guide in order to simply explain how each domestic security system that we offer works and the security enhancements that they may add to your property.

How do Intruder Alarm Systems work?

An intruder alarm system can be a crucial part of home security as it can have dual purpose – being a visual and audible deterrent. Externally, the intruder alarm siren is a device that acts as a visual deterrent making it obvious to intruders that a home security system is installed and in working order. The internal sounder and external siren produce an audible alert when the system is triggered – the aim is to alert the occupants and surrounding people that an intruder has entered – intruders are likely to be caught and with the risk of being caught now higher, they will likely flee taking less or none of your belongings.

Intruder alarms can consist of a variety of devices depending of the property layout, level of coverage, presence of family pets and whether the owner wishes to be notified on activations (we cover more on this last in a moment).

Types of Intruder Alarm Systems:  

  • Wired Systems: Hardwired burglar alarms that do not require routine battery changes, suitable for most properties and can span a large area. Ideal for installation on a first-fix and second-fix basis.
  • Wireless Systems: No wiring required – wireless systems are great for unconventional buildings. These are also ideal for homes that are already occupied or are fully decorated as they are less disruptive to install. They are easy to expand – enabling extra devices to be installed in for extra coverage and can be easily-relocated as the layout of the home changes.
  • Notification & Monitoring Services: An additional add-on to both wired and wireless alarm systems is a notification facility. The most cost effective of these would be a dialler or app facility which would contact you if a signal is sent by your alarm system. Further notifications and coverage can also be provided in the form of Monitoring services – incorporating a device that communicates to our NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre – ensuring 24-hour surveillance, 365 days a year. If a threat is detected at the property, our operators alert you, other named keyholders, or the local Police, depending on your customised preferences.

You don’t have to feel alone in choosing the right burglar alarm for your home security system! Our team of trained staff can conduct a full audit in order to help you make an informed choice about which of our security alarm systems are the best fit for your property.

How do CCTV Systems work?

At Lynx Fire & Security, the CCTV systems that we install provide additional security by capturing and deterring criminal behaviour at your home. Our CCTV packages are bespoke to meet the needs of your property and are professionally installed by our technicians. As well as the traditional hard-wired CCTV systems, we now offer wireless solar-powered camera options too. As well as acting as a visual deterrent, CCTV can be valuable for keeping an eye on your home while you are away or to record criminal activity in the case of vandalism or a burglary.

Also, our CCTV systems can be configured to allow remote access to your footage straight to your preferred devices – be that laptops, phones or tablets.

If you would like to receive specialist insight into the correct home security system for your property, you can fill in our quick and simple enquiry form. Alternatively, a member of the Lynx Fire & Security is always just a phone call – 0800 998 1303 – or email [email protected].

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