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How To Reduce Fire Hazards in the Workplace

Posted on by Lynx Security

In 2014-2015, there were 154,995 reported fire incidents attended to by the emergency services, with 37% of these incidents caused by the misuse of equipment or appliances. Faulty equipment is one of many fire hazards commonly found in the average workplace, and can have catastrophic effects on the surrounding environment if left unchecked.

This ‘how to’ guide helps you to identify what fire hazards to look out for in the workplace, and how to reduce them!



In 2014 - 2015, 15,984 fire incidents were caused in commercial buildings, including offices, retail stores, and industrial premises


Reduce Clutter

A cluttered workplace can not only mask other fire hazards, but can also present a hazard in itself. A buildup of dust and debris can present a fire risk in poorly ventilated areas, causing equipment to overheat and falter. Reduce the risk of fire in your workplace by regularly cleaning the area - creating a better environment to work in, and a tidier space that allows for easier evacuation in the case of a fire.


Check for faulty equipment

With the misuse of appliances contributing to 37% of accidental fire incidents, it’s essential to ensure that the equipment in your workplace is functioning properly. Loose cabling, damaged plugs, and overheating equipment are all signs of a fault. Equipment should be inspected frequently and replaced or repaired as soon as a fault is identified to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out.

statistic19% of fires in non-dwelling buildings in 2014-15 were caused by faulty appliances and leads


Keep combustibles clear

Many workplaces will have a natural buildup of combustibles such as paper, cardboard and plastic as the week progresses. It is essential that these are stored in a separate, secured area away from the risk of sparks. This will ensure that in the case of a fire, it can be controlled without combustibles catching alight and accelerating the incident.



Many fire incidents are caused accidentally, either through the misuse of equipment or improper knowledge on how to deal with potential fire hazards. Providing your staff with fire hazard and safety training can be instrumental in preventing a fire, enabling staff to identify and effectively tackle any hazards they come across in the workplace.



Arson makes up a large percentage of fire incidents every year. Although on a steady decline, the risk of arson is still prevalent for workplaces and commercial buildings, so the proper steps to reduce this risk should be taken. Consider installing CCTV and burglar alarms to act as a deterrent to potential arsonists.

statisticThere were 68,400 deliberate fires in 2014-15, accounting for 44% of all fires attended


Fire safety

Installing the correct fire safety equipment in your workplace should be your top priority when looking to reduce fire hazards. In the case of a fire, your building should be equipped with alarms to alert everyone in the building in time to safely evacuate, as well as fire safety equipment to deal with the outbreak of a fire.

statisticMake sure your fire alarm is functioning correctly - 44% of all incidents last year were false fire alarms! No smoke alarm was present for 30% of all reported fire incidents in 2014/15

Talk to Lynx Security today about how we can help to protect your building with our latest fire alarm systems. We provide a wide range of fire and security systems, including:

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