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Different types of CCTV – which kind should I buy?

Posted on by Lynx Security

Installing a CCTV system is a very effective way to bolster the security of your business. Countless commercial and industrial businesses, public buildings, and domestic properties rely on CCTV to enhance safety and give peace of mind. Whether you want a visual deterrent, a way to monitor you premises remotely, or a means to identify trespassers, CCTV cameras are the ideal security solution. However, there are many different kinds of security camera out there, as well as many different business needs. To help you choose, check out the CCTV options below.


1) Dome camera

Dome CCTV cameras are widely used for indoor security surveillance. They are a common, non-obtrusive but visible form of CCTV, so named due to the dome-shaped camera housing.

  • Advantages: hard to tell which way the camera is facing, thus providing a deterrent across a wider area; available with pan/tilt/zoom functionality
  • Uses: commonly used in retail and offices


2) Bullet camera

Bullet cameras, whose shape is reminiscent of a rifle bullet, are useful for mid-long distances and focusing on a particular location. Wall or ceiling mounted, these cameras can be used indoors or outdoors when housed in protective casings.

  • Advantages: versatile; can capture mid-long ranges; can be weatherproofed, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Uses: good for monitoring at-risk areas such as entryways or equipment storage areas


3) Day/night camera

For round the clock surveillance in a variety of weather conditions, day/night cameras are a good choice. These cameras can capture footage in all light conditions, day and night.

  • Advantages: can monitor your premises with one kind of camera 24 hours a day; works in various conditions, for example, with backlighting and glare
  • Uses: suitable for 24/7 outdoor use and so appropriate for any business which wants constant observation


4) C-mount camera

C-mount cameras are a flexible kind of CCTV that allow different kinds of lenses to be attached. Standard CCTV lenses operate up to 35-40ft but, with an appropriate lens, c-mount cameras can cover greater distances.

  • Advantages: can extend observation distance; can adapt to changes in needs and technological advancement
  • Uses: good for large premises and for monitoring along boundaries


5) Infrared camera

If you want to keep tabs on your premises overnight in particular, infrared cameras are ideal. Infrared rely on light wavelengths not visible to the naked eye and, as such, can still work effectively in pitch black conditions.

  • Advantages: can capture video in little to zero light; long-distance detection
  • Uses: originally used by the military, and still used in high-security environments like airports, infrared cameras are ideal for covering your premises at nighttime


6) PTZ camera

PTZ cameras – also known as pan/tilt/zoom cameras – allow you to control where the camera is directed. These cameras work in settings where you have a security guard monitoring your premises.

  • Advantages: can focus in on specific areas and suspect incidents; good zoom capabilities
  • Uses: can be found in any premises with a live security team, for example, in retail or manufacturing


7) IP camera

IP cameras transmit video and images over the internet, rather than via cables, making footage easily accessible from remote locations and devices.

  • Advantages: good for remote monitoring; footage can be handily accessible from a variety of smart devices; easier to install than analogue cameras
  • Uses: suitable for a wide variety of remote monitoring applications for both homes and businesses


8) HD camera

High definition cameras capture footage and offer considerable magnification at a superior quality than your average CCTV. This is useful for sensitive environments where individuals may need to be recorded in detail.

  • Advantages: great level of detail; high quality picture even with zoo
  • Uses: often found in high stakes environments like casinos and banks

For more information regarding CCTV for your home or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Lynx Security. We are security specialists and can offer a variety of tailored security solutions to keep your premises safe, secure and monitored. We are ideally placed to assist customers throughout Northamptonshire and the surrounding regions.

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