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20 Common Home Security Mistakes Infographic

Posted on by Lynx Security

Many burglaries could easily have been prevented were it not for security mistakes and oversight. Such mistakes, as simple as they are, can make your home more of a target for thieves, putting you at a greater risk of being burgled. To help raise awareness of how to keep your home protected, we’ve put together 20 of the most common home security mistakes to avoid in a handy infographic. 

Download the 20 common home security mistakes infographic PDF

20 common home security mistakes

  1. Leaving doors unlocked

    Always remember to lock doors, especially those out of sight; many burglaries still occur because doors were left unlocked.

  2. Advertising belongings

    Try not to tempt thieves by keeping expensive, desirable belongings in easy view of windows.

  3. Expensive rubbish

    Thieves may go through your rubbish and obvious indicators of expensive belongings – e.g. the box for your new 58” TV – can make you a target.

  4. Making it obvious no one’s home

    A pile of post on your doorstep and bins at the end of your drive past rubbish day are obvious signs your house is unattended.

  5. Keeping your house dark when away

    A dark house lets anyone know there’s no one home; a couple of light timers are a simple, cheap and effective solution.

  6. Announcing you’re away online

    Posting lots of updates whilst on your holiday abroad can let anyone know that your house will be empty for a while.

  7. Cheap security

    Poor quality locks on doors or windows are broken or forced a lot easier.

  8. Leaving a key under the doormat

    This common security error will render even the most secure door useless.

  9. Leaving upper windows unlocked

    With a ladder, drainpipe or convenient single story extension, your upper windows aren’t as out of reach as you may think.

  10. Leaving ladders or tools in your garden

    Left in the open, unsecured, these items can be used by opportunistic burglars to help break into your home.

  11. Dark entrances

    Without motion sensing security lights around your doorways, thieves can move and attempt a break in undisturbed and undetected.

  12. Providing prime hiding spots

    Things such as unkempt shrubbery and trees near entryways can provide thieves with a perfect hiding spot from watchful eyes.

  13. No visible security

    A house which looks unprotected will be an obvious target; install a burglar alarm box on your home’s facade or CCTV around doorways.

  14. Fake security systems

    Dummy burglar alarm boxes or CCTV cameras could be effective at a glance, but experienced thieves will likely be able to tell they’re fake.

  15. Your alarm system is in view of a window

    If your alarm system is visible from a window, a burglar can see whether the system is armed or not.

  16. Not using alarm systems

    It’s incredible, the number of people who have alarm systems but don’t set them to secure their home when they’re away.

  17. Not maintaining alarm systems

    Without periodic checks and maintenance from a professional, your alarm system may not work correctly when it’s needed.

  18. Relying on one security system

    Well-secured homes won’t rely on a single security measure; combinations of alarms, CCTV, sensors and security lighting should be used.

  19. Relying on a ‘guard dog’

    Is Fido your friendly family labrador really going to bust a burglar?

  20. Neglecting outbuildings

    You may have a secure house but if you don’t have sufficient security on garages and sheds, your belongings there are at risk of theft.


Lynx Security is a domestic security expert who has been helping clients keep their homes safe for over 30 years. Operating across Northamptonshire, our specialists can provide and install reliable, high-security systems – such as bespoke burglar alarm systems and high-tech CCTV – to guard and protect your property. We offer 12-month guarantees on all our products and work, and a 24 hour on call maintenance service so you can gain peace of mind your home will be adequately protected at all times. Contact our helpful team today with any enquiries.


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